About the Central Audit

Aðalskoðun hf. Is an accredited inspection body, independent of stakeholders, and applies in all areas of supervision. The company was founded on September 13, 1994 by 22 individuals, some of whom have worked at the company from the beginning and are still working there today. The purpose of the Central Inspectorate was to establish a neutral independent inspection body in the field of vehicle inspection. Inspection of vehicles under the supervision of Aðalskoðun hf. Began in January 1995.
The owner of Aðalskoðun hf. Is the company Skjoldur og skoðun ehf. But it is the parent company of Assistance and Security ehf. Who operates a service under the name arekstur.is. Ómar Þorgils Pálmason is the owner of Skjaldar and inspection.

Quality Policy Aðalskoðunar hf

Quality Policy:

Aðalskoðun hf. Meets requirements made by accredited independent inspection bodies, which involves examining products and equipment in accordance with government regulations regarding procedures, equipment and equipment together with requirements for impartiality and fitness.
By applying quality management procedures and having an effective quality system, documented, Aðalskoðun hf. Meet customer needs.
Through the use of quality control systems, service customers and by looking at customer and government relations as a key factor in providing services, Aðalskoðun hf. Can assess the quality of its activities, which should be continuously reproduced and quality improved.
Aðalskoðun hf. Strives for a good and solid relationship with their customers by perceiving their needs and offering services that include professional inspection, short waiting times, agility and reasonable prices so that customer expectations are met and they will be satisfied.

Aðalskoðun hf. Emphasizes the ability to have qualified, friendly staff with required education, who conduct professional work, have a defined role, function their skills, participate in continuing education and show progress. In this way, the company and its staff will achieve set goals.

The management of Aðalskoðun hf. Shall have the required education, skills and experience. They must promote professionalism, reliability, proper business ethics, and apply creative practices by stimulating and motivating employees, creating a solid relationship and being in close proximity to the company’s customers.


The role of Aðalskoðun hf. Is progressively working on supervisory activities by operating an independent accredited inspection body according to the IST EN ISO / IEC 17020 standard and at the same time creating a solid image. At the same time, increasing the well-being of customers and the public through organized prevention and systematic monitoring, thus reducing the likelihood of health and financial corruption.

Quality Objectives:

Aðalskoðun hf sets the following objectives for quality issues:
To maintain accreditation according to the standard IST EN ISO / IEC 17020.
To enforce and maintain procedures in the inspection body quality manual.

To provide customer service at the agreed timeMonitoring legislation and development concerns the scope of the inspection bodyTo train their employees and ensure continuing training as necessary.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Central Audit Office shall ensure that all staff of the inspection body are quality policy, enforced and maintained.

Managing Director of Aðalskoðun hf.


One of the basics of the activities of Aðalskoðun hf. Is neutrality. Aðalskoðun hf. Has neutrality as a guiding principle in carrying out vehicle inspections and all that relates to their inspection process. The Board of Directors and Directors of Aðalskoðun hf. Emphasize neutrality in all its decisions, and base it on the fact that all views of vehicles are based on objective criteria.

The main inspection involves all information that it collects or generates during the inspection process as confidential.

Grant Request

Aðalskoðun hf supports strong issues of various kinds, such as. NGOs in the field of equality, culture and sport.

Requests for requests and requests for advertisements are sent to the email address strength (at) adalskodun.is, and requests are submitted at regular intervals. The grant request is not answered by phone.