Accreditation is a formal recognition by the competent authority that a member is competent to carry out certain tasks related to conformity assessment. Conformity assessment is an assessment of whether the product, process, system or entity meets the requirements.

Accreditation has been operating in Iceland since 1992. According to the Act on Weighing, Cases and Accreditation. Special Law on Accreditation, etc. Came into force in May 2006. The Act ensures that accreditation in Iceland can be operated in accordance with international standards and regulations.

Accreditation was originally operated at Löggildingarstofa, but switched to short-term consumer agency.

Since April 2006, accreditation has been awarded a permanent residence and is now covered by the Patent Office as a professional self-employed area.

Accreditation is an assessment of the ability to perform certain tasks such as testing the properties of materials, viewing state devices and factory or certifying management systems. Accreditation may not be subject to competition because its role is to ensure that standards for competition are not excluded between providers of goods and services.

Accreditation is operated internationally and aims to ensure that a product that is tested, inspected or certified in one country by accredited entities is recognized in all countries where accreditation is conducted. In Europe there are employed accreditation agencies in more than 40 countries.

Accreditation can be divided into two groups, legally and independently. Legislation applies to inspection, certification, or testing agencies operating in areas subject to external accreditation. External requirements may come from states and different markets. Coordination agencies acting on behalf of the Icelandic state require the law to be accredited. Coordination agencies that do not require the law to be accredited may choose to be accredited to gain more credibility, as being accredited, means that the person concerned is qualified to perform certain tasks.

Accreditation activities are based on the international standard series ÍST EN ISO / IEC 17000.