History of the Central Audit


A major inspection was established on September 13, 1994 with the aim of establishing a neutral inspection body in the field of vehicle inspection. Inspection of vehicles under the supervision of Aðalskoðun hf. Began in January 1995. Fest was a purchase of housing and equipment for the operation at Helluhraun in Hafnarfjordur.

The Minister of Justice, Þorsteinn Pálsson, consecrated the station in Hafnarfjordur to the presence of many people. In August 1995, the Ministry of Trade and Industry granted the company accreditation in the field of vehicle inspection. Aðalskoðun hf. Was well received right from the start, and its market share in vehicle inspection has increased steadily in the capital area, but the company now has 4 inspection centers in the capital area, Skeifunni 5 and Grjótháls 10 in Reykjavík and Skemmuvegi 6 in Kópavogur and the inspection center at Helluhraun in Hafnarfjordur.

The Central Inspectorate also operates an inspection center in Reykjanesbær and in the countryside, but the company also has inspection activities in Grundarfjörður, Ólafsfjörður and Reyðarfjörður.

It was apparent from the outset that various patents regarding automobile registration and inspection that Aðalskoðun hf. Did not get permission to execute the company more difficult to provide the services that the company would provide consumers. Aðalskoðun hf. Vehemently spoken in writing and saying that the patent would be terminated.

Tremendous work was done because the only life expectancy for the company to be able to compete on an equal footing with other market participants.

In 1997, the Minister of Justice decided to entrust the State Privatization Committee with the sale of its state-owned property in Bifreiðaskoðun Íslands hf. And split it into units, thus there was still one phase achieved.

Aðalskoðun hf. Has over the years also conducted market surveillance of electrical equipment, toys and dangerous goods, according to Art. Agreement therewith with the government.

Changes in the arrangements for inspection of fishing license holders in the fisheries industry occurred at the end of 1997. Aðalskoðun hf. Was determined to embark on a field in this area. The subsidiary of Aðalskoðun hf., Which inspects Ehf., Started operations at the beginning of 1998 and received accreditation this year. The role of inspection agency ehf. Was to operate an independent accredited inspection body, which will provide customers with services for inspection of facilities, hygiene and internal control of fishing license holders in the fisheries industry. The operation of the Central Inspectorate and the inspection body was later unified under the Central Inspectorate. With legislative changes, these views were reverted to the government in 2011, and they are currently serving the Food Administration.