Reading and collecting heavy taxes

Aðalskoðun collects vehicle taxes imposed by the directorate of internal revenue. The

directorate of customs is in charge of the tax collections. Vehicle taxes are levied two times a

year, on the first of January and on the first of July. Due dates for the taxes are on the 15th of

February and 15th of August. If vehicle tax is overdue it must be paid before the vehicle is

inspected. Also, all vehicle tax must be paid before ownership can be changed. Please note

that when collecting licence plates that have been in storage, vehicle taxes must be paid from

that day until the end of the season.

Further on vehicle tax:

Calculator for vehicle tax-note that this link is in Icelandic.

Collection of road safety tax

In accordance with Icelandic traffic law, Aðalskoðun collects road safety tax on behalf of

Samgöngustofa. The tax is 500 kr and is collected with every main inspection, registration

and changes in ownership.

More information on heavy tax can be found atRSK website.