Ownership of vehicles

The Central Audit Office may submit notifications of ownership of vehicles. Notifications of transfer of ownership are sent to the Transportation Agency where their registration takes place.

The following is good to keep in mind before submitting a change of ownership:
• To be able to register a transfer of ownership, all government fees, car taxes and non-refundable charges must be paid but can be paid by the Central Audit Office. This also applies to heavy duty vehicles, but it is necessary to submit a reader for the change of ownership and pay the heavy taxation resulting from the result.
• Please note that all signatures are correct and that a mandate is signed on behalf of the buyer or seller.
• All signatures must be certified and the witnesses must have reached the age of eighteen.
• The buyer's insurance company must be specified on the notice.

Forms of ownership can be obtained from all inspection centers or by clicking on the following links

A change of ownership

Purchase Agreement and Waiver