The first fully equipped mobile vehicle inspection station in Iceland – We will come to you!

A new mobile vehicle inspection station fully equipped with everything needed to inspect your vehicle anywhere in Iceland.

We will be travelling all over the country this summer. Here you can see where the station is located at any given time and drop in to see us. You will receive a 20{c24cff66eb2951aa154e922a8040335589b5b626f0235bb08e0ad107588ee577} discount on the vehicle inspection price in our new mobile inspection station.

Great opportunity for companies

We offer companies the option of coming to their location to inspect their fleet of vehicles. This is a particularly suitable service for companies that have many vehicles, as well as those companies that see the advantage of offering their employees vehicle inspection during working hours and thereby lightening the burden of tasks that need to be done outside working hours.



Why should I take advantage of the service?

The service in question is a fantastic service for companies operating a large number of vehicles. We come to you and inspect all your vehicles, or a proportion thereof, depending on what suits you best. We abolish the need of driving each car for inspection, eliminating the valuable time spent by employees and the vehicle.

What do I need to do?

Order the service on behalf of your company by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or fill in the form provided below. You will need to have at least 20 vehicles for inspection to ensure that Aðalskoðun comes to your location.

Then simply advertise the option and encourage as many employees as possible to take advantage of the service.

Aðalskoðun will send you all the necessary promotional material you need. This can be printed and put up in cafeterias, published on employee websites or sent by e-mail.

What is the minimum number of vehicles?

You will need to ensure that at least 20 vehicles take advantage of the service for Aðalskoðun to come to your location and perform the inspection on site.

What is involved?

The only thing that employees need to do is to bring their vehicle at the beginning of the day and then collect their keys at the end of the day or no later than 16:30. We will then send the inspection report by e-mail.

How much does the vehicle inspection cost?

The inspection costs ISK 10,391 with the 20{c24cff66eb2951aa154e922a8040335589b5b626f0235bb08e0ad107588ee577} promotional discount granted to the customers of the mobile inspection station of Aðalskoðun. The full price charged at Aðalskoðun is ISK 12,989.

Who can use the service?

  • Companies with a large fleet of vehicles.
  • Companies that wish to offer their employees the option of having their vehicles inspected during working hours.
  • Car dealers.
  • Car rentals.

What do I need to provide?

  • An area that is 30 x 10 m for the inspection station.
  • An electrical connection.

What kind of vehicles can use the service?

  • Passenger cars weighing up to 3.5 tonnes.

What vehicle types can the station not service?

  • Large jeeps that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes.