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At the main inspection, you can register all vehicles. Before a vehicle can be registered, the vehicle must be assigned a fixed number, and it is done by the Traffic Agency with the so-called pre-registration. After a vehicle has been assigned a fixed number, a customs clearance can be settled and the car will be cleared. Then the vehicle is moved to registration as it is viewed and registered in traffic. Before a vehicle is checked and registered, a registration mark must be produced on the vehicle in question, but it is usually done as soon as a pre-registration is carried out at the Icelandic Traffic Agency. Unsubscribe In order to unregister a vehicle, the vehicle must be placed at a disposal center, for example. By Furu, Circuit or Vaka here in the capital area. The disposal center issues a certificate of cancellation that is at the same time unsubscribe request. The certificate of absence has been placed at the inspection center with a car number if it was removed from the vehicle at the disposal center. The certificate of skilfulness has passed to the Traffic Agency, which delistes the vehicle in question in the vehicle register, and the registered owner will pay a deposit of NOK 15,000.- after deduction of any applicable charges. Vehicles that have been unsubscribed for processing can not be restored. The same procedure applies to vehicles that do not pay a processing fee, such as Snowmobiles, motorcycles, trolleys, caravans, etc. In order to unsubscribe such vehicles, they must be taken at a waste disposal station to obtain a certificate of cancellation that is at the same time unsubscribe, but no refund is paid for such vehicles. Changing History In Main View, you can perform various modifications. Some change registrations include: Vehicle Vehicle Registration. Changing the body of a larger vehicle. Changes in vehicle categories Changes in passenger numbers in automobiles Special inspections of motor vehicles. Note that with some types of change notes, a certified weighing note is required during the change check, e.g. Like when a passenger car is turned into a car, the bodywork of a larger car is changed and the same applies to all special vehicles.