When do I need to bring my car for inspection?
According to the main rule on vehicle inspections, vehicle should be inspected in accordance

with the last number in the licence plate. If your car has a licence plate number ending in 1

(AB321 e.g.), you should bring your car for inspection in January each year. However, you

also have two additional months before an omission-fine is imposed so the last day to bring

that car would be the 31st of March. The 1st of April a 15000 kr omission fine would be

imposed. A 50% discount is given throughout April so if you are only a few days late, the fine

is 7500 kr. If the car has not been brought before the end of April the fine will be 15000 kr.

You also have to make sure that your car is brought for re-inspection in the right time. If you

bring your car for inspection in January and it receives a re-inspection you will need to bring

it back before the end of February. If you do not bring it for re-inspection, one month passes

before the omission-fine is imposed. In this case, an omission-fine is imposed on the 1st of


If you have a vehicle that is registered as a camper, motorbike or a veteran car the rule of last

letter in the licence plate does not apply. These vehicles should be brought for inspection in

July and have in addition August and September. The omission-fine is therefore imposed on

the 1st of October.

Vehicles that have a private number ending with a letter should be brought for inspection in

May and have June and July in addition. These vehicles receive the omission-fine at the 1st of


Do I need to make appointment before I bring my car for inspection?

In most cases there is no need to make an appointment. You can drop by at any of our stations

when it suits you and you. You can make an appointment at our stations in Hafnarfjörður and

in Kópavogur but you can also drop by.

For sales inspections it is however neccecary to make an appointment by calling 5906930.

Please note that no appoitnments are made at any of our stations on the last day of each

month. We advise that you bring your car early in the month to avoid traffic that can form at

the last days of each month.


When do I need to pay my vehicle tax?

Vehicle taxes are imposed twice a year, on the 1st of January and on the 1st of July. These

taxes are due on the 15th of February and the 15th of August. If vehicle taxes have reached

their due date when a car is brought for inspection they will have to be paid before inspection.

When changing ownership of vehicles all taxes must be paid, regardless if they have reached

their due date or not.

What do I need to do to collect my licence plates?

If you have turned in the licence plates in order to deactivate the car you will have to make

sure that the insurance is valid and you must pay all vehicle taxes when the numbers are

collected. If the plates have been collected by the police due to overdue inspection, you will

need to bring the car for inspection in order to be able to get the plates back.


Where can I turn in notifications of change of vehicle ownership?

You can turn in notifications of ownership changes at any inspection station or at

Samgöngustofa. All originals are sent to Samgöngustofa for registration. Payment is required

for the notification itself as well as all vehicle taxes.