The main inspection receives a notice of transfer of ownership of vehicles at all inspection posts and is sent to the Transportation Agency Ármúla 2. At the time of payment, official fees must be paid, payment can be made at the inspection office of the Central Inspectorate. An insurance company must be specified where the new owner / guardian intends to secure. If a seller, buyer or partner is under 18 years of age, the sheriff's consent for purchase / sale is required. All signatures must be certified and the witnesses must be 18 years old. The buyer and seller agree to each of the parties to report the change of ownership, the notification is under the responsibility of both parties. Those vehicles that pay heavy taxation according to scale need to bring the vehicle in a reading. The tax resulting from this reading must be paid before / during the delivery of the notice. The lecture must not be older than 7 days old when the notification is received.


Transfer of ownership

Purchase Agreement and Waiver