Omission Fine

At Aðalskoðun you can pay your omission fine. According to traffic law, a fine of 15000 kr is

imposed on vehicles that neglect the annual inspection or the re-inspection.

For the majorirty of vehciles the inspection month is determined by the last number on the

licence plate. That means that if the last number of a cars licence plate is 1, the month of

inspection is January. The deadline for inspection is two months after the original inspection

month so a vehcile scheduled for inspection in January has February and March before the

omission-fine is imposed. For a vehicle with 1 as the last number in the licence plate, the

omission-fine is therefore imposed on the 1st of April.

Please note that other rules apply to veteran cars, motorbikes and tent campers.

These vehicles are due in July and have August and September in addition. The omission-fine

is therefore imposed on the 1st of October.

If a vehicle has a private licence plate ending with a letter, the inspection month is May with

June and July in addition. In these cases, omission-fine is imposed on the 1st of August.

If a re-inspection is omitted one month passes before omission-fine is imposed. A vehicle that

is inspected in January gets an time limit until the end of February for re-inspection.

Therefore an omission-fine is imposed on the 1st of April if re-inspection is omitted.

The following chart shows when the omission-fine is imposed and when the 50% discount



Period Date from Date to Date of imposition Due date Final due date

For more information on the omission-fine visit the site of the county magistrate of Vestfirðir: